Garden Edging Melbourne

Garden Edging Melbourne

Are you tired of your lawns encroaching onto your garden beds? Edging your gardens allows you to create distinct sections and spaces for your garden to grow. Experience the look and feel of a professionally landscaped garden with our garden and lawn edging services in Melbourne. Customize your backyard or front gardens by choosing from our endless list of garden edging materials including aluminum, brick, recycled plastic, cobblestone, gabion stones cages, cinder blocks, log edging, terracotta pipes and more. Edge your gardens with straight or curved borders or use different garden edging techniques to create a focal point on your landscape. Not only does edging your gardens improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space it also makes maintenance a breeze. Garden edging protects your lawns and flowers during lawn mowing and weed removal while providing a useful barrier for plant roots as well as assisting in keeping your gravel and mulching material in place. Give definition to your garden edges and increase the curb appeal of your property with professional garden edging in Melbourne. Call Pro Landscaping Melbourne for an obligation free quote on all our garden edging services today.

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Enrich your gardens with the right nutrients and protection they need with our wide range of fertilizers, composts and garden mulches. Adding mulch to your gardens will improve the fertility of your soil while protecting your roots from extreme temperatures, allowing your garden the best chance at a successful growth. Increase soil productivity, conserve soil moisture and reduce the growth of weeds by choosing the most suitable mulching materials for your garden. 

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Take advantage of our organic biodegradable mulching materials such as compost, shredded bark, pine needles, peat moss, grass clippings, straw and wood chips for safe and affordable mulching options. Organic mulches generally have to be reapplied throughout the year during garden maintenance. We also stock non-organic mulches such as rubber pellets and recycled plastic for all your large scale vegetable crops. Mulches play an important role in preventing soil erosion for gardens that are placed on a steep incline.

Give your plants the attention they deserve by calling our team to book an appointment for all your garden maintenance and mulching services in Melbourne today.

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Lawn Care

Retire your old lawn mower by booking an appointment with Pro Landscaping Melbourne for affordable and swift garden maintenance services. Our garden clean up team will arrive at your property fully equipped with the best lawn mowing equipment, garden tools and gardening supplies in Melbourne. We will take care of everything from correctly hedging and pruning your shrubs so that they achieve optimal growth to planting and maintaining your flowerbeds. 

Our garden experts will perform maintenance on your sprinkler systems while ensuring that your irrigation systems are functioning correctly. At Pro Landscaping Melbourne our lawn care experts will take care of all your turf laying, lawn mowing and whipper snipping to create crisp and clean lawn edges. Are you thinking of installing artificial turf? Artificial turf is a popular safe and low maintenance option for homeowners with pets and small children. Contact Pro Landscaping Melbourne today for affordable options on all your drainage solutions and garden maintenance in Melbourne today.

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