Renovations do not have to be done if you can’t afford them. However, there is still a way to maintain environmental guidelines and improve your space.

Trickle irrigation

This method of watering shrubs and gardens is completely underground, near the roots. The system is less evaporative than spraying or digging a hose into the garden. The cost per foot of the system is 4-12 cents, which can mean that you could service your entire backyard garden for $30. The water directed to the roots led to a drop in water use of approximately 50% in many areas.

Use Stones

Concrete paver stones or edging can run up to $2 per square, which could mean that edging your yard could cost you up to $1200. If you have the creativity and patience to create a look that will be worth twice as much, rocks are an affordable option. You need to pay attention to rocks and make sure you pick them up often. This can also serve as a game for kids. Be consistent with your size and shape. Your edges will soon be made of granite, limestone, redstone, or white quartz. Get the best landscaping services in Melbourne from Pro Landscaping Melbourne. You can also contact us to help you create a new backyard look.


Mulch can be made of compost and ground-up tree bark. Its main purpose is to retain soil moisture and prevent weeds from growing. But, it also regulates soil temperature, which allows for natural composting. It’s easy to use and inexpensive.


A lot has been written about the simple process of turning undesirable vegetation into a suitable food source for plants or lawns. Chemical fertilizers, which are similar to feeding your lawn candy, are a very short-sighted strategy. Chemical fertilizers have the potential to harm beneficial organisms such as soil bacteria and insects that help reduce soil nutrients. It is completely non-toxic and can be beneficial for soil water retention.


Sometimes, you will find a cement bench at a local landscaping store or cooperative for as low as $20. They will last for a long time, and they will add an elegant touch to your garden. You may also see an old wooden deacon’s chair on the curbside. These benches can be cleaned up and turned into great sitting areas.

Feeder and Bird Bath

It is easy to buy accessories that will attract birds, such as hummingbirds, like a feeder for them. Birdbaths can be fascinating to look at because you never know when someone will stop by to give them a quick wash.

Potato Farm

A small backyard doesn’t preclude you from growing vegetables like potatoes. You can also keep your old tyres out of landfills by using this method.The bottom of an old tyre should be filled with compost. Place it in your backyard. Spread seed potatoes about 10 inches apart over the compost. Then fill the tyre completely with compost. You can add dirt or compost to your potato plants as they grow. Layer another tyre over it. You can then add a fourth, fifth, or even a fifth tyre. The potatoes will be ready in the late summer, and then you can carefully remove each tyre to harvest new potatoes.

Make Arches for Your Garden

The wooden arches can be purchased at a local home-improvement store for $25 or less and will last for many years. They can be used as support for climbing ropes and creeping vines to make a garden entrance that is spectacular. You can also buy them in metal tubing.