Many homes, especially condos and townhouses, today have very little or no yard space. Don’t worry! These 14 small-scale landscaping ideas will transform your yard into a stylish space.

Give Space

If you are considering landscaping ideas that will fit into a small space, make sure to allow for plenty of space. It is easy to make a small yard feel crowded and create a feeling of being trapped. This area of seating has a clear view of the garden thanks to a small grassy patch and unobstructed hardscaping.

Layered Landscape

According to Landscape Architects in Melbourne, a layered landscape is a great idea for small backyards. It’s just as natural as nature. You can think of a forest with low groundcovers and ferns as well as shade-tolerant trees and shrubs understory. You can create beautiful layers with groundcovers, bulbs, and crevice plants while optimizing your flower bed space.

Fences and walls

You want privacy in your small yard landscaping, so why not use surrounding structures such as fences and walls? But be careful, they can be invasive. For recommendations in your area, check with your cooperative extension service or Garden Designer in Melbourne.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening is a popular choice for small yards. You can grow plants vertically with many products available on the market, including these wall planters. You can also make your own. It creates garden space from thin air.

beautiful pergola in garden landscape

Hanging Planters

Here are some backyard ideas that will work in small spaces. If you don’t like the style, there are many pre-planted hanging baskets available at your local garden center or grocery store.

Window boxes

Window boxes are a traditional way to maximize gardening space. You can also attach them underneath your windows. Other small yard ideas include putting them on a porch or around the perimeter of your patio.

Dwarf Plants

New cultivars are constantly being introduced by growers to offer special traits. A dwarf habit is one of these. You have two options when it comes to landscaping ideas: a pine can mature at one foot or 80 feet. If you choose the former, there is enough room to grow companion plants.

Columnar Plants

As you think about growth characteristics and size, consider habit. Columnar plants like this upright pear cultivar grow straight up. For a wider range of plants, there is more space to the sides and more light at its bottom. Yet, you still get the flowers and the fruits.

Trailing plants

This shape can be used to help you find landscaping ideas for small yards. As shown here, you can either run the plants along the sides of the planter or let them hang from the top of the wall. Either way, you maximize space and allow the plants to blend in with the landscape.

Crevice plants

You can find crevices in most gardens so it’s worth making use of them. These spots are ideal for succulents like Sedum or other succulents, such as Sempervivum (hens-and-chicks). These plants make the space look better and less intimidating than hard surfaces.

Narrow Spots

Most gardens also have crevices. These narrow strips are often devoid of soil or moisture. Instead of fighting the conditions, you can work with them. You can also plant tough, vining groundcovers in your yard and allow them to spread throughout the space. You can use ivy in shaded areas and succulents in the sun. A mulch of gravel can be a great low-maintenance option to keep your plants’ foliage clean.